Salisbury Diocese and London Area Clergy Spouse Days with Esther Ministry

There are two days for clergy other halves coming up in September both are being facilitated by Rowena Cross from Esther Ministry who has run a few days for clergy spouses across the country.

The first is on 9th September 2017 at St Saviour’s Sunbury, TW16 7TP 9:30am-3pm. This is aimed at people in the Kensington area, London Diocese and surrounding area. For more information see Rowena’s website or sign up at:¬†

The second is on 30th September at St Mary the Virgin, Dorchester. This is for all partners of clergy in Salisbury Diocese. I have a particular investment in this one as I am helping to organise it! A few of us are trying to bring together clergy partners who would like to connect with others and build on the efforts of the diocese to improve support for clergy families. We look forwards to hearing from our guest speaker Rowena about her experiences being married to a vicar and thinking about our gifts and calling. It runs 10am-3pm with teas and coffees from 9:30am. For more info or to sign up/express an interest in this event or clergy spouse support in the diocese in general email me at or see the Facebook event page here:

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