The Society of Mary and Martha, Sheldon – support for clergy and CSs

Thanks to the Clergy Spice Facebook group I have recently become aware of The Society of Mary and Martha, a charity which is based at their property Sheldon in the Teign Valley near Exeter. They offer retreat and education resources for all but also have a specialist work in supporting those in Christian ministry. Their definition of ministry for the purpose of access to their ministry resources and discount is: 

Women and men from any denomination who are in any of these categories

  • ordained
  • full time stipendary lay worker, missionaries, members of religious communities
  • retired (from either above)
  • spouses/partners (independently or with his/her ministerial partner)

They have lodges specially reserved for those in ministry and can provide a place for retreat or a bolt-hole in times of crisis. Find out more here:

In 2015 they started an online forum to act as a confidential space for mutual support among people in ministry. This is great news for anyone who is not on Facebook but would like to be in contact online with others in ministry. You can choose your display name and so be anonymous if you wish. See here for information on how to apply:

They are also working on a project called The Sheldon Hub which they aim to have up and running by autumn 2017. This will be ‘a comprehensive one-stop online resource by people in ministry for people in ministry…Pooling our resources because health, sanity, relationships and vocation matter in ministry.’ It will be exciting to see this become a reality, see here for more information:

To find out more about their work in general see their website:


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